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Fun activities with pipe cleaners.

Fun activities with pipe cleaners.

Quarantine has hit us all!

As a mom of a 3-year-old toddler and a 2-month-old baby boy, our founder Abha Shah
 is constantly looking for simple, fuss-free ways to keep her toddler engaged - without spending too much time in curating activities.

Abha says 😅
Now that my 3-year-old Maya has dropped all afternoon naps, she has an extra 2 hours every afternoon where she needs entertainment🙈– or else I hear the dreaded words .. mama iPad, please! 😩

I can’t keep opening new toys, and most of her classes are in the evening. So we’ve started getting SUPER creative with art and craft materials – and PIPE CLEANERS are my favorite! Twist, turn, squeeeeeze – so many things you can do. Simple enough for my nanny to supervise while I’m trying to get in a bit of work. I even carry them around anywhere – in case of a ‘boredom emergency!’ 😜

Here are a couple of ideas to do with PIPE CLEANERS:

1. Cut up some paper straws – squeeze the pipe cleaner through them.

2. Draw shapes on a paper and make them using the pipe cleaner.

3. Make holes through a paper plate and run the pipe cleaner through them.

4. Of course, the ever-favorite finger puppets or shapes.

5. Pass the pipe cleaner through narrow beads. Make DIY bracelets with this.

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