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4 Fun winter activities to keep your toddler engaged!

4 Fun winter activities to keep your toddler engaged!

We know all of you are tearing your hair out trying to entertain your LO’s with the current home schooling situation. So we’d like to help make life easier in our own small way!

Below are some fun activities based on different themes or subjects for your little one (ages 2-5) to enjoy at home. Materials will be kept to a minimum with things around the house, and as much focus on independent play! So lets have a look:


Activity 1: DIY Paper Mittens 


Material Required: 2 chart papers, Cloth Clip, Pom Pom Balls, white paint and brush.

Step 1: Cut mittens from a chart paper of different colours.

Step 2: Decorate the mittens using cloth clip with Pompom balls by making snow balls. 

Works as a great pincer grip activity. 🧤 🧤


Activity 2: Potato Stamp Snowman


This is simple stamping activity using potatoes.

Material required: Baby potato, white paint, marker- red & black, white paper

Step 1: Simply take a potato, cut it in half.

Step 2: Dip the potato in white paint

Step 3: Stamp it on paper making a shape of snowman.

Step4: Add facial features and voila, our snowman is ready! ☃️


Activity 3: Sensory Activity

Material required: DIY snow from Market/ foam, toy animals and a tub

Step 1: Take the tub and fill it with DIY snow/Foam. 

Step 2: Take the animals and hide them inside the tub. 

Step 3: Ask your little one to find the animals.


Activity 4: Make your own X-Mas tree

 Material required: Green chart paper, paper scissors for kids, sketch pens

Step1 : Cut triangular trees out of paper

Step 2: draw zig-zag lines, curvy lines

Step 3: Ask your toddler to cut it across the lines to practice scissor skills! 🌲


Hope you enjoyed that.

Please try these activities at home and let us know whats your secret to keep the Lo's smiling and engaged. 

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-PodSquad Team

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