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Boredom Busters!

Boredom Busters!

Boredom busters or brain teaser, whatever they are called. We know these are the perfect ways to keep our little ones away from the screen and indulge in some really fun activities for hours and hours at a stretch!

1. Tape tracks- on the floors, walls, and beyond.

2. Learning shapes, sequencing and odd one out with blocks and masking tape.

3. Making different colored ice with paint and water.

4. Fun with baking soda and vinegar to make explosions.

5. Mud play - If you have plants at home, or mud in the garden, let your child enjoy some sensory fun by messing around with mud!

6. A little atta and maida- free play!

7. Build a fort at home with pillows, blankets, cushions, mats and any other items lying around.

8. Mixing POP with water to make a paste – and setting them into different molds that can be painted and decorated upon hardening.

9. Cut out flower shapes, color them and put a clothespin on the petals. Colour match the clothespin and the petals.

10. Using rubberband and a tin can – wrap the rubber bands around the can – very good for hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

11. Learn shapes using cookie cutters.

12. Sorting colors with candy and bowls –M&Ms, gems or any simple candy will do.





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