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About us

Welcome to PodSquad

What is PodSquad? 

PodSquad is a series of learning tools for children ages 1 to 10 years old, created to help today's child get a headstart with early learning concepts and skills through fun activities. Our children's activity boxes have been curated by experts, approved by teachers and tested by kids, so that your child gets the maximum benefit from our learning programme. We aim to encourage curiosity and creativity in children by providing them with the right educational games, arts and crafts, puzzles, flash cards, books, and more all focused around independent play. 


The Learning Approach 

The PodSquad learning programme is based on Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligence. The theory states that every child is born with 9 Intelligences  – some more pronounced and some less so. Giving every child the opportunity to explore these, helps us as parents and caregivers to identify their aptitude early on and help them grow in the area they are best at. The activities in PodSquad have been designed keeping specific learning outcomes in mind, and are created to expose children to these 9 Intelligences – or SMARTS. 
Click here to know more about the 9 Intelligences or SMARTS.

DNA of PodSquad   

Learning through hands-on activities:
Based on the belief that children learn best when they are having fun,
the PodSquad range of learning tools comprises different products for
ages 1–10. From unique felt activity mats and interactive picture activity
boards for babies and toddlers respectively, right up to our bestselling
DIY science kits, our products aim to build early learning skills and teach
concepts through hands-on play.

Created by educationists, tested by children:
PodSquad has been created by a panel of experts that include teachers,
authors, instructional and graphic designers – all with over 20 years of
experience in childrens’ early education. The team has also created
over a thousand books for leading global educational publishers. Every
product has been tested by kids and approved by moms at the
PodSquad Learning Lab.

The people behind PodSquad



Having studied, worked and lived in the USA for several
years, Abha came back to India brimming with ideas.
When she saw the opportunity and need for quality
‘edutainment’ products for young children, an idea took
root – and PodSquad was born. Backed by Quadrum
Solutions – a family business in educational publishing,
Abha has worked with leading educators and childrens’
content specialists. Her mission with PodSquad is ‘to create products that stimulate and drive learning – all through fun play’. A mother to a toddler herself, Abha is directly in touch with what kids need and enjoy as they grow.

She has been many things – a journalist, a copy writer,
an author... But she has finally come home to roost in
her favourite space – creating learning tools and writing
books for children. Sonia has been writing children’s
books for over two decades and has amassed a vast
body of work. Apart from co-founding Quadrum
Solutions, an educational content company, she has
authored numerous books for Penguin India and other multi-national publishers. She co-founded PodSquad with Abha, driven by her belief that ‘children learn
best when they are having fun’.

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