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3 exciting number activities for your LO to do at home!

3 exciting number activities for your LO to do at home!

PodSquad Activity Zone, This time our theme is Numbers!!!! ♥️ ♣️ ♦️ ♠🃏

One of the most interesting subjects that require a few items from the household and guarantees hours of play! we personally enjoy the following:


Activity 1: DIY Number-Card board


Material Required: discarded carton box, Cutter, Sketch Pen 

Step 1: Cut the discarded box from one side. 

Step 2: Take the retractable cutter and make 13 marks. 

Step 3: Write the number against each cut. 

Its ready!


Activity 2: Paste and count

Material Required: 2 different colour chart papers, scissors, sketch pen, Glue

Step 1: Take one chart paper and cut it in 5 triangle shape. (or any shape you like)

Step 2: Take the second chart paper and cut thin strips of the same.

Step 3: Now one by one count the number written on the shape and start pasting the same number of strips on the triangle. 

Ready to play!


Activity 3: Popsicle with dots

Material Required: Styrofoam Plate, 5-10 Popsicle stick, sketch pens, scissors

Step 1: Take the styrofoam plate and make 5-7 small cuts. 

Step 2: Make the cuts with numbers from 1-7. 

Step 3: Take the popsicle stick and draw dots on each from number 1-7. 

Step 4: Now let the kid match the right numbers with the popsicle dots. 


Hope you enjoyed that.

Please try these activities at home and let us know whats your secret to keep the Lo's smiling and engaged. 

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-PodSquad Team


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