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4 Valentine's DIY activities for kids to enjoy at home!

4 Valentine's DIY activities for kids to enjoy at home!

We know all of you are tearing your hair out trying to entertain your LO’s with the current home schooling situation. So we’d like to help make life easier in our own small way!

Below are some fun activities based on Valentines for your little one (ages 2-5) to enjoy at home. Materials will be kept to a minimum with things around the house, and as much focus on independent play! So lets have a look:


Activity 1:  DIY Stone Painting

Materials Required-Stone, Paints, Paintbrush

Step 1 : Clean the stone and star painting.

Step 2: Use different Valentines theme to decorate the stone.

Step 3: And its done! Use it an paper weight/ decor material. 


Activity 2: DIY Heart Puppet Activity

Materials Required- Paper, Sketch pens, Goggly Eyes, PomPom Balls, Popsicle Sticks, Glue

Step 1: Cut paper in heart shapes and color them.

Step 2: Color the popsicle sticks

Step 3: Stick the heart to the popsicle stick.

Step 4: Stick the google eyes and pom pom balls

And tadaaa!!!


Activity 3: DIY Heart Stamps

Here's another simple DIY Heart Stamps just perfect to shoo away the midweek blues.

Materials Required-Empty paper roll, Paintbrush, Paints, Paper

Step 1: Take white plane paper

Step 2: Shape the end of the paper roll into a heart.

Step 3: Dip the roll in the paint

Step 4: Stamp it on the paper and you are done!


Activity 4: DIY Valentine's wreath

Material Required: Styrofoam plate, colourful papers, scissors and Glue.

Step 1: Cut the circle in the middle of the plate.

Step 2: Stick the colourful paper hearts on the edge of the plate.

Step 3: Let it dry and tadaa! 


Hope you enjoyed that.

Please try these activities at home and let us know whats your secret to keep the Lo's smiling and engaged. 

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-PodSquad Team

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