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Want to know how to keep kids entertained this summer?

Want to know how to keep kids entertained this summer?

Summer vacations are a time for parents to relax from the hectic school schedule. A break from waking up at 6 in the morning, packing school lunch, getting kids ready and helping them with their homework. However, some children are bouncing off the walls with energy while others are screaming ‘I’m bored’ and the rest are glued to the TV screen. In order to keep kids entertained and do something memorable with their summer, we have listed below a list of 10 fun activities.

1) Experiment with cooking!

Pick a recipe with your kids, go out shopping for the ingredients and cook up something delicious. This can be as easy as a fruit treat or as extravagant as a three course meal. The younger kids can help add the ingredients, stir and serve while the older kids can get hands on with the stove.

2) Do It Yourself projects! 


There are several easy DIY projects to
get your kids’ hands messy. Through these DIY projects, you can teach your
kids the theme of reuse and recycle,
by using old items to make something new and fabulous. This is an easy way to bring out their innovative side too.

3) Game Night!

An amazing way to spend time with the family and strengthen the bond between your kids and their cousins. Play games like pictionary, charades and bingo.

4) A Photo Journal!

Make a photo journal of your family vacations. This is an amazing way to relive old memories. Get out a few sharpies, stickers and colorful tape to make this process even more fun.

5) Movie night!

Kids can have a fun night in with their friends by watching their favorite
animated movies along with a big bag of popcorn and a tub of ice cream. This is an enjoyable way for kids to relax while keeping in touch with their friends over the summer vacations. 

6) Charity Sale!

Conduct a sale of baked items and DIY goods, giving the proceeds to your desirable charity. Through this, your child will not only be involved creatively, but be more aware of giving back to the community.

7) Nature Walk!

A lovely way to get outside and enjoy the bright sunshine. Walks can be soothing and an easy way to keep your children active. Encourage kids to pick up a few articles on the way to later create a magical story using the same.

8) A pool day!

Having a pool day is the perfect opportunity to take complete advantage of the weather. Kids love to splash in the water and can play exciting pool games such as ‘Find the coin’ and ‘Marco-polo’. Getting soaked in the sun is an excellent way to get in that Vitamin D too.  

9) Outdoor painting party!

Bring out a huge canvas and a bunch of acrylic tubes to let your kids explore their imagination and let loose. This is a great way for them to express themselves and evoke their inner artist.

10) Explore the city!

School can be hectic, leaving very little time to explore your city. Vacations present an ideal time to get out of the house and visit the local museum, science centre, zoo or other relevant historic places. This will help educate kids of their surrounding and rich heritage.

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