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The importance of pets in your child’s life

The importance of pets in your child’s life

Dear moms/dads of the world,

Every now and then, when our office mascot – Frodo Pod comes to work, I am taken down memory lane. It reminds me of the time my parents surprised me with a puppy.
My mother who was absolutely against bringing a pet into the house, eventually gave in after enough persuasion from my father. So on my 11th birthday, our parents told us we had to make an appearance at their friend’s child’s naming ceremony.

On reaching there, their friend told us we could see the “baby” by going through the backyard.  On taking us to room behind the house, the aunty told us, “The baby with the red ribbon is yours” and opened the door to a room full of Labrador puppies! That’s when my sister and I realized there was no baby really but that the little pup was cuter than any baby I’ve ever seen. We were so excited and truly, happiness is most definitely a warm puppy! While that remains my most favourite birthday, it was also the day, our lives changed.

Looking back, we now know the lessons we’ve learned through our pets (yes, pets! We got a Doberman after two years.) and that’s why today’s post is about the importance of your child growing up with a pet.

They say experience is the best teacher you can have and the lessons taught by a pet will be instilled in you for life. They teach you about companionship, love, patience and understanding among other things. Having a pet, doesn’t always mean cleaning or chasing after him or her.
So let’s explore some skills a pet can help instil in our children.

Pets take physical fitness to next level: Between accompanying you walk the dog and playing with him or her, your child’s physical state improves quite a bit. Giving your child smaller tasks like pouring some them water or giving them, their food too encourages the development of motor skills in a child.

Pets make you learn: There is no other warmer love, than the love received from a pet. They teach our children and us how to love unconditionally and the more a child grows up taking care of one, it helps your child grow as well. They teach children how to be responsible and helps increase their self-confidence.

Pets help children develop cognitive skills: As a child grows, they develop an interest in getting to know more about their pets, so they start reading about what breed their pet is as well as other things to keep in mind about the pet. For younger children, pets spark off a desire for learning
which in turn helps develop cognitive skills.

Pets reduce the chances of getting sick: It’s been known that babies raised in close contact with a pet don’t fall sick often, especially in their first years. A study shows that the immune systems of babies develop when they are exposed to dander and microbes carried on the pets from the outdoors.

Pets become friends for life:  There is no bond stronger and more loving than that of a child and a pet. They become companions for life and are always there when we need them. Kids tend to play with their pets, read to them, talk to them and even take care of them.

Kids learn to take on responsibilities earlier in life by taking care of the pets. As the pet/child grows, so does their bond. So if you are contemplating getting a pet when you have a new baby or even a child, remember that you will be giving your child a friend/companion for life!

Pod Parents

*If you have stories to share with us about your child and pets, leave a comment below.

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