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Technology and Kids for Parents

Technology and Kids for Parents

Dear moms/dads around the world,

Let me start today’s topic with just one word – Technology.

We can neither live with it nor without it.

Our growing dependencies on technology have amplified so much that our children are used to technology just as much, if not addicted.

It may seem that technology has more cons than pros. However, even in an ‘in-come online activities and out-go (literally) outdoor activities for kids’ situation, there can be a good outcome.

The trick is to know how much is good for you and how much is too much; especially, for your child/children. So, here we give you five tips or things you can do with your kids when it comes to technology. Read on:

  • Balance online activity with physical activity:

The best way to get your child to spend their time doing productive things is by getting them to balance out online activities – be it research for projects, gaming or watching educational and informative videos – with physical activities. Your insistence on a fine balance will only let the child know its importance.

  • Reading:

In a time where e from news, reference material to even novels can be accessed online, it is up to you, the parents - whether new or old, to teach your child the importance and joy of reading an actual paperback. An ideal way to kick-start this habit would be to allot an hour or two, to reading a book. Take turns reading; in fact, this just doubles up as quality time with your child and soon he or she will develop a taste for reading.

  • Control security settings:

While you are trying to get your child to balance out online activity with offline ones, try giving him or her space and time to figure out what is good for him or her. That said, make a new user account on your laptop/computer just for your child. Remember, you do have the option to have child-friendly settings on your Internet browsers and computers.

  • Monitor the access:

Keeping a tab on what your child is looking up is one thing. But what is more important is how long he or she takes being around technology. Allot a certain number of hours during the week for your child to use whatever technology he or she wants to be around, but ensure that he or she sticks to it. This is a discipline parents need to instil in their children’s life. 

  • Make meal time technology free:

Going to a restaurant and ending up having conversations with yourself isn’t an ideal scenario. As a parent, ensure you have tech-free meals – which means no phones/tablets/laptops at the table during lunch or dinner. Meal times are ideal family bonding time, so make the best of it.

In fact, while you’re at it throw in a game night too! Alternate one night of playing a digital game versus a physical game like charades… In this way, you will be able to ensure that your child does not get addicted to a screen and knows the importance of physical presence.

 *What do you do when your child wants to be around technology?
Leave us a comment below with your experiences/tips…

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