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Precautions to take for your child during Diwali

Precautions to take for your child during Diwali

Dear moms and dads of the world, Diwali is just around the corner. While it’s an exciting festival for all of us. Here’s a little story before getting into today’s actual post on how to make this festival a safe one. Growing up, I wasn’t the bravest when it came to bursting crackers, no matter how much I loved watching people burst them. It was and still is one of my favourite festivals simply because, the house would be lit up looking pretty and the family would be celebrating it. I was always safe about which crackers to burst and would chose the lesser noisy ones. Sadly, one year, at a family gathering, a ground-chakra (or Zameen chakra) spun right back on to my leg. I was wearing a skirt, so a small hole was made and I got away with just a minor burn that went away in a few days. It had scared me then and for years, I had not burst crackers. There were two reasons, one being I was scared, the other being I had taken an oath in school not to when we were told how many children and people get affected while making these crackers. It wasn’t until after school that I got back to bursting crackers. In fact, the first thing I wanted to do was burst a Laxmi bomb. I was always amused by how gutsy my mother was to light a string of 100 laddis. But I was still scared, I guess that fear never went away until one day my friend came up to light the bomb with me and told me the trick was to light it and run back to a safe place quickly. “Safe” being the keyword. It worked. However, the safety is not always guaranteed. So here are a few things you can do to protect your child this Diwali.

1) Silk or synthetic materials can catch fire easier and quicker than cotton. Wear thick cotton clothes to protect your children.

2) Keep a bucket of water on standby and to put out sparkles so your child doesn’t get burned.

3) Make sure your child always has their footwear on.

4) Make sure your child stands away at one arm’s distance from the cracker.

5) Always accompany your child while they’re bursting crackers.

6) If your child has any health issues, ensure they are kept away from the smoky areas

7) Ensure your child doesn’t throw crackers at anyone.

8) Don’t leave your children unattended during the festival.

9) Use earplugs or cotton balls to protect children’s ears, especially if they are below 5.

10) Never let your child burst a cracker in their hands. These are just some of the precautions you can take as a parent. Leave a comment below on what precautions you would take to keep your child safe this festive. Hope you have a happy, safe and prosperous Diwali. Love, Pod Parents.

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