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Movies you can watch with your kids (Part 1: Animation)

Movies you can watch with your kids (Part 1: Animation)

Dear moms/dads of the world,

There’s a certain kind of happiness that comes when you are kicking-back over the weekend in front of the television with your kid by your side while watching a movie.  In fact, it happens even if you are watching a movie at a theatre. I know it did for my mother.

Rewind in time to when I was 13 – the year Finding Nemo was released. My mother and I wanted to watch the movie and she decided to invite my nieces and nephews. The day of the show, my mother single-handedly took care of the four of us and it was an absolute debauchery. There was laughter and an overdose of popcorn, sodas and juice… and more laughter. There was even a fun moment when all of us got really cold. My mother wrapped one end of her dupatta around herself and spread the rest of it on us. We were one big happy family and my mother, she was the happiest of the lot. Such good times!

If you’re wondering what sparked off this memory… it’s this list below. A list of movies parents can watch with their younglings and can enjoy some mindless fun! So here it is.

  • Finding Nemo – A cute and captivating story about a clown fish father looking for his kidnapped son, Nemo, along with his new found friend, Dory, and their adventure to rescue little Nemo.
  • Peter Pan – A 1911 book (Peter and Wendy) adapted into a movie in 1953, is a story about the boy who wouldn’t grow up, Peter Pan. He visits the Darling children in their London home and takes them on an adventure to Never Land.
  • Ice Age series – You might take a whole weekend to cover this series but it will be absolutely worth it. The Ice Age series is about three animals, Manny the mammoth, Sid the sloth and Diego the sabretooth tiger, and their story of how they meet ( part 1) to how they all start families during the various changes on Earth caused in the pre-historic era.
  • Frozen – A story about two sisters, Elsa and Anna, heirs of Arendelle and their journey of overcoming the gap between each other. It is a story about following your heart in the face of societal norms and knowing that true love doesn’t always have to come in the form of a prince charming.
  • Toy Story series – A quirky story of young Andy’s toys; a good-hearted cowboy doll named Woody and a spaceman named Buzz Lightyear and their various adventures from escaping the clutches of Andy’s neighbour Sid to an evil toymaker who simply wants to sell them to the highest bidder.
  • How to Train your Dragon series – A tale about a lanky and clumsy Viking boy named Hiccup, the son of Stoick the Vast, the chief of the Island of Berk which is fighting against a pesky dragon infestation. Hiccup is an intellectual who would choose wit over a battle axe anytime. While training, he encounters a Night Fury, Toothless and thus begins a friendship that causes the two worlds of the dragons and Vikings to collide.
  • Up – The story of a lonely old man, an over enthusiastic Boy Scout and a talking dog. The only thing common between these three is their love and passion for adventure. A tale about love, new found friendship and making dreams come true.
  • Shrek series – An ogre with a heart of gold meets a chatty donkey during his attempt to save his house from being taken over. He makes a deal with Lord Farquaad to slay the dragon and rescue Princess Fiona in return of his home. The stories and relationship of Shrek, Donkey and Fiona later develop through the sequels.
  • Spirited Away – A treat for those who love adventure and a little bit of fright! Spirited away is a story about a girl, Chihiro, and her aversion to accepting changes in her life. Everything changes when on their way to her new house, her hungry parents eat at a deserted amusement park and turn into pigs. The movie is about her adventure to try to get the spirits living there to turn her parents into humans again with the help of a new friend Haku.
  • Monsters Inc – Mike Wazowski and his monster in crime, James P. ‘Sulley’ Sullivan go on an adventure to the human world to scare kids and harvest their energy. Unfortunately, one such night, Sulley goes into the human world and a baby follows him back to the monster world. Sulley and Mike must return her before the others find out.

If you think, we’ve missed out any animated movies that you’ve enjoyed with your kids… leave a comment below!

Until then,


Pod Parents

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