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Interesting activities with buttons.

Interesting activities with buttons.

We’re at the end of week 2 now of no school! And running out of ideas but here’s one that my daughter Maya suggested we play with after a visit to the tailor – BUTTONS!

She went wild playing with the different buttons she saw there, and so when we got home, I tried a few learning games using buttons. Buttons come in different shapes, sizes, and colors so it’s a really easy tool to play with. (Unfortunately, she also tried to tear them off her clothes thinking they are toys – so that wasn’t fun 😂😰 here).

1. Stick some toothpicks into play-doh and drop the buttons into each. Great for fine motor skills.

2. Make different patterns on a paper, and let your LO put buttons on the outline.

3. A friendship bracelet! Thread the buttons into strings of wool to make DIY jewelry.

4. Counting fun – similar to pom poms, buttons are a great tool for counting practice like this.

5. Decorating pictures – use the buttons to decorate fun pictures like cupcakes, ice creams, lollipops, etc. Using different colored buttons makes it more fun.

The only thing to be very careful of – is that buttons are small and easy to swallow and choke – so a parent or caregiver supervising each one of these is a must to be safe for any child under 5 years old.

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