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How to pack a monsoon bag for your child

How to pack a monsoon bag for your child

 Dear moms/dads of the world,

Picture you and your child, standing on top of a hill overlooking a valley that has a grey overcast above it. But admiring the gorgeous view is interrupted with mosquito bites and bugs crawling all over you.

While this beautiful monsoon season calls for treks and hikes, it also calls for packing essential items, especially for your child. Today, we give you the low-down on what you must pack into child’s bag when preparing for a monsoon outing.

  • Protection against the rains: It goes without saying that you must pack in umbrellas, raincoats and gumboots for a monsoon trip.
  • Spare clothes: In case your child does get drenched in the rain, carrying a spare set of clothes is always advisable.
  • Repellent: Needless to say, while trekking you are bound to be bitten by bugs and mosquitoes. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t carry bug sprays or mosquito repellents. The last thing your child needs is to fall sick because of a bug/mosquito bite. This holds true even if you are taking a trip to another city.
  • Prescription medicine: When you send your child away for a few days, ensure he or she carries only the medicines he or she requires. If your child is under medication already, send a note with the timings of when he or she is supposed to take particular medicines along with the proper dosage. It is also advisable to include the contact details of the doctor in case of emergencies. Apart from that, pack in some muscle relaxant sprays as well to be on the safe side.
  • Water bottle: Always remember to pack in a water bottle. It is the most essential item of all. You don’t want your child to drink contaminated water or worse, get dehydrated.
  • Gadgets: Along with a cellular phone and a camera, do not forget to pack in their respective chargers as they always come in handy.
  • Food: Be sure to pack a few of your child’s favourite snacks because you never know when hunger strikes. Whether they are on a trek or off to their friends’ or grandparents’ place, your child must always have something to eat when he or she needs it.
  • Easy access bag or fanny packs: Let your child keep a fanny pack to store supplies he or she will need immediately such as bug sprays, ointments, rain gear, spare clothes, etc.
  • Phone number: As an emergency measure, it is always best to keep a list of phone numbers of immediate family members handy in your child’s backpack. If he or she is travelling without it, hand over the list to the adult in charge.
  • Sleeping bags: Not only do sleeping bags come in handy while on a trek, but they also actually make sense to use at a sleepover too!

It’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to the safety of your child so teach them to pack well.


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