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Healthy recipes for the festive season

Healthy recipes for the festive season

Dear moms/dads of the world,

With festivals come the act of over-indulgence. Be it savoury or different types of sweets. Out goes any chances of sticking to a healthy diet and physical activity. Not just for the parents but also the kids, mind you.

The months of October to December, are the most trying times in life. Why?  Well, because of the numerous festive occasions that crop up. This post is dedicated to those who want to eat or feed their families scrumptiously healthy food! Here are two recipes for you to try.

Rice paper rolls

Choose whether you want to make vegetarian rice paper rolls or otherwise, this healthy alternative to the fried spring rolls is a must try for anyone who is calorie conscious.

  • All you require are some vegetables and the rice paper rolls (which are easily available) and the best part is that it takes just about 15 minutes to make a few of these rolls.
  • Thinly cut some carrots, cucumber, tofu or paneer and spring onions.
  • Keep some lettuce out as well. Use it to line the vegetable stuffing.
  • Use one sheet of rice paper at a time. Place it on a damp muslin or cotton cloth.
  • Place one leaf of lettuce over the rice paper then start placing the vegetables in the middle.
  • Roll everything together by dabbing some water on the roll.
  • You can pop it on the pan for about a minute if you don’t want to eat it raw, but eating it raw with either peanut sauce or chili garlic sauce will make it just as delicious.
  • You can improvise this recipe by adding different stuffing or even some masala to it.

Amaranth and fruit parfait

Yes, you read the title right! There really is an amaranth yogurt parfait. For those who don’t know what amaranth is, it is the healthier alternative to rice or maize!

  • All you require to make this delicious desert is some yogurt, fresh musk melon and mango, cashews, figs, amaranth seeds and honey.
  • Take the amaranth seeds and roasted them on a pan till they pop.
  • While they cool, be sure to cut up the figs, mango and muskmelon so it is ready to be added in to the glass.
  • Roast the cashews till they turn golden.
  • Layer the glass with one tablespoon of yogurt. Follow it with a drizzle of one teaspoon honey and then layer it with amaranth.
  • Repeat the same steps till you reach the top then add in the pieces of fruit as garnish.
  • Place it in the chiller, and pull it out as and when you want to eat the yummy parfait!


These two recipes should be the start of healthy alternative during the festive season. If you have recipes of some delicious snacks or desserts, share them below!

Until next time,


Pod Parents



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