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Gooey slimey time with slime.

Gooey slimey time with slime.

Here we are on day 3 of the 21 days lockdown with another interesting science and chemistry experiment - SLIME!

Can't begin how many types of slime one can make, different textures, different touch, and feel, different in look; here are a few slime ideas that will definitely keep your kiddo engaged for indefinite hours!

1. Blue Glittery Slimey Fun!

2. Spooky Monster Slime. 😈

3. Fun shapes like croissant and heart from Red Slime. (You can also make shapes like grapes, eggplant, hot air balloon, etc)

4. Golden Glitter Slime never goes out of fashion.

You can also make bubblegum slime, crunchy slime using beads, galaxy slime by adding purple color and glitter, sandy slime, etc.

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