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Engaging activities with popsicle sticks.

Engaging activities with popsicle sticks.

Corona virus! I think I’m more afraid about how I’m going to entertain my toddler Maya than I am of the actual virus.😂

No school for weeks is no joke…and with a 3-month-old to feed, my time is getting really stretched. 😱

Grandparents, playdates, and a few stolen moments of Peppa aside, I’m continuing to pursue my interest in activities with simple materials so Maya is busy – and POPSICLE STICKS are another staple!

Easy, light, available in vibrant colors, safe, cheap, I can go on and on about how lovely this tool is; here are some ways we have fun with them while tossing in a little learning – covering almost all key preschool concepts, and fantastic motor skill prep. 🤩
1. Alphabet recognition – copying the alphabets with sticks.

2. Shapes – making shapes out of the sticks, using Velcro to hold them together

3. Color matching – make stick outlines in different colors, and match the right color to the right outline.

4. Numbers and counting – count the dots on each stick and place it into the right hold on the paper plate.

5. Shape- matching shapes by placing popsicle sticks.

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