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DIY Mother's Day Paper Bouquet

DIY Mother's Day Paper Bouquet

Motherhood – the world’s oldest profession! And Mother’s Day is the one day in the year, that we all have the opportunity to honour and spoil our first love – our mothers. While we may do something special for her today, she reciprocates every other day by unconditionally loving and caring for us no matter what.

Here at PodSquad, we love our mothers, and we love DIY art and crafts which keep those little hands happy and busy.

So combining our two loves, we’ve put together the perfect activity to do with your child on Mothers Day.

The perfect gift, made in the most special way.

Materials required:

  • Paper cupcake moulds
  • Glue
  • A pair of scissors
  • White chart paper
  • A4 sized coloured paper
  • Ribbon
  • Glitter or any other decoration as per your choice. [optional]




Use a stencil to draw circles of different sizes on the coloured paper. Use the chart paper to cut out a big circle to create the base.



Draw out basic flower shapes on different coloured paper and cut it out. Make sure the flowers vary in their size and colour.



Stick the cutouts of  circles on the centre of the flower cut outs [the centre part of the flower is known as a pistol].



On a green A4 paper, draw out basic leave shapes and cut it out. [make around 8 leaf cutouts]



Stick the paper cupcake moulds in the centre of the white chart paper cutout. Then apply glue on the circle cutouts and stick them on the centre of the moulds to make the moulds look like flowers.



Now stick the flowers around the paper cupcake moulds and then stick 2 leaves around the flowers.



Cut out 4-5 thin strips of paper and stick them on the bck of the chart paper to make them look like stems [place another white paper cutout on the back of the white chart paper to cover the strips as they have to only be seen extended at the bottom]



Tie a bow and stick it at the bottom of the paper bouquet. You can stick a mothers day note anywhere around the bouquet[optional]


Your paper cupcake mould is now ready!


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PodSquad wishes all mothers a very Happy Mothers Day!

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