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9 Last minute tips and tricks to help your child do well in exams on D-day

9 Last minute tips and tricks to help your child do well in exams on D-day</p>


Parents and children are highly pressured during exam time. And the closer they get, the more the anxiety levels rise. Sometimes, even though kids are highly prepared, they find it challenging to actually sit through the exam and put down on paper what is already in their heads. This is attributed to the high pressure environment that exams tend to be given in.  

So we sat down with a set of 20 parents, to come up with a few tips and tricks to impart to your kids to help them do well in their exams once all the studying is over, and D-day has arrived.

1. Optimism is everything. Now that the studying period is over, it’s important to remain confident and calm right before the exam. If your child is feeling nervous, tell them to take a few deep breath & smile.

2. Your answer sheet should look neat. Try to avoid any kind of cuttings. If the examiner can’t read what you have written, your answer may be marked as incorrect.

3. Schedule your time, don’t rush. Read the entire question carefully and pay attention to all the details. Don’t get stuck on any one question. Move on, and come back to it later.

4. Neatly fill ONE bubble when answering the multiple choice questions. Your answer needs to be clear & evident. This is a common problem that is easy to rectify!

5. Take a few minutes to plan your answers prior to writing them. This will ensure a smoother flow and will make for a timely answer.

6. Find key words in your question to help you understand and answer what is being asked of you appropriately.

7. If you don’t know the answer, don’t panic. Just try and find few keywords and do your best to answer the question and at the very least, go with the answer that seems correct. Remember, you don’t loose marks for wrong answers so it’s always better to try then leave an answer blank.

8. Review. If you finished the assessment before time, closely go through it and make sure you haven’t missed any questions. Count the number of answers against the number of question. If you still have a little more time, redo the questions and check that you have indicated the correct answers.

9.Focus on what you are doing and what is in front of you. Don’t worry if other have finished before you. This will only lead to distractions and waste precious time.

    Though some of these tips are quite obvious, most parents find that they are so focused on the studying that simple tips and tricks get missed out. These can go a long way in helping your child do well.

    Hope you find these helpful! And do send us any tricks that you have used to lighten the exam pressure.

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