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6 Ways to keep your toddler happy during Monsoon!

6 Ways to keep your toddler happy during Monsoon!

What makes the monsoons so popular? Why does it fascinate us so much? Whether you are a kid or a parent, there’s always something for you during the monsoons. The thundering clouds, cracking lightning, and the freshness in the air when it starts to rain – all add to the allure of this season.

We all like to celebrate the beauty of the monsoons in our own special ways. But with this beautiful weather, sometime you may be faced with the problem of having bored toddlers at home, as they can’t go out to play.  

We have tried to put few ideas together to keep your toddler engaged at home and spend some quality time with them as well:


1.Paper tunnel & Balls

Take pieces of paper and tape it to the floor making tunnels and give your child balls to roll through them.

2. Make your own pasta necklace

Use some raw penne pasta, paint and some thread to make your necklace.


3. Stacking cups

Teach your child how to make a pyramid simply by stacking plastic or paper cups.


4. Colour hunt

Mention a specific colour and ask them to go around the house collecting items of that particular colour.


5.Frame making with raw pasta

Give them pieces of paper, paint, colours and raw pasta to stick and decorate their photo frame.


6. Cup phone

Give the children two cups which are attached to each other with a string long enough to enable them to communicate with each other from two different rooms.

We hope you will try these fun ideas at home with your little ones. If you have more ideas to share with us, please write to us at

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