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6 games to play with your child while swimming in the pool

6 games to play with your child while swimming in the pool

The hot summer months are fast approaching! It’s time to think of creative ways to help your kiddo stay cool and active. And what’s more fun than swimming on a hot sunny day!

Swimming encourages a healthy level of physical and social activity, and learning at a young age is very important. Like cycling, swimming is a skill that you will never forget for your entire life.

Sometimes, Kids can find swimming a bit boring. So why not mix things up and play some fun pool games to keep them entertained while splashing around.

• The Mermaid / Dolphin Race Game!
This game is called the mermaid/dolphin race where you have to hold your breath and see who can swim the longest underwater race. Remember to be safe during this game, and always supervise the children playing. Not to be played with children under 8 years old. This game will also help improve their swimming stroke and ability.

• Find the bottle!
Take an empty plastic bottle with a white or blue cap and fill it up with pool water.
All the players have to line up at the deck of the pool and as soon as the bottle is dropped in the middle of the pool, everyone has to look for it. It is harder than it seems as the bottle camouflages with the pool tiles. The first one to find the bottle wins. Don’t forget to remove the bottle once the game is over!

• Shark attack!
Not a game to get scared of, but a game to thoroughly enjoy! The players are allowed to hop in and out of the water. One person becomes the ‘shark’ and has to catch all the people who are in the pool. As soon as one person is caught, they become the shark. The shark can use fins to swim faster. Each player can stay out of water for only 5 seconds at a time. A high energy game, prepare for the kiddos to be exhausted at the end!

• The Pool Ping Pong Game
Ping pong balls make a great floating game as they are light in weight and hard to see.
You can add numbers to the balls and the players need to collect them. The one with the highest points win. This adds a fun educational element to the game as well.

• The Octopus Game
In this game, there is one ‘octopus’ and the players have to get from one side of the pool to the other without getting tagged by the octopus. When a player gets tagged, they hold hands and join the octopus. Subsequent players join until only one player is left.

Help your kids BEAT THE HEAT this summer with these fun activities to play in the pool. But always remember, children in a pool need to be supervised, and should always play in the shallow end of the pool not the deep end. It’s always preferable to use a kiddy pool if available.

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