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Connect with your kids this summer!

With life getting busier, not just for you, but for your kids as well, it’s becoming harder and harder to spend ‘quality time’ together as a family. So what system can you put in place to make sure that you all connect with each other – on a regular basis. Here are some ideas from the Pods that will help you, not only stay in touch, but create fun, family activities that you can all enjoy together. Get to know your kids as they grow from one phase of childhood to another. 

 1. Hungry Pod's Idea #1 - Make sure you allHungry Pod  have one  meal together. During this meal, go around the table and  ask each family member to share one piece of news –  good  or bad .


 2.Chatty Pod's Idea # 2 - Once a week, make a ‘FAMILY  CAFÉ’. Do up your table like a café. Have a written menu.  Decorate the table. Get the kids to help doing all this. The  PodSquad Cool Chef box has a set up ready for you to  use.

 3. Geeky Pod's Idea #3 - Go ‘book-shopping’ together  once a month. Once you have chosen some books, read  them together and discuss them over dinner.


 4. Jumpy Pod's Idea #4 - Choose an activity or a theme  for each week. For example, one week can be ‘save  waste’ week; another can be ‘eat healthy’ week. At the  end of every week, discuss what each of you has done  for that theme.

 5. PodSquad Bossy Pod Bossy Pod's Idea #5 - The Family Throne. One day a  week, put one family member (take turns; include the kids, grandparents, cousins or uncles and aunts who may  live with you) on a Family Throne. The rest of the family  can ask that person on the Family Throne any question.

 6. PodSquad Giggly Pod Giggly Pod's Idea #6 - Have a ‘today’s joke’ day.  Every day, when dinner is over, one member must tell  everyone a new joke.



These simple activities will give the kids (and you) a platform to communicate and create a lot of fun and laughter. And of course, achieve the paramount task of keeping you connected with the kids.

Have a pod-tastic day all! 
From the PodSquad team 

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