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Felt Activity Mat- At the Supermarket


Time to go shopping! Buy some fruit, pop some veggies into the shopping cart, pick up some dairy, and choose baked goodies. Watch your child enjoy shopping while learning about fruit, vegetable and other common groceries as well as objects they see at supermarkets. Read the fun poems on the flash cards to re-enforce the learning.

How to play – 
1. Attach and detach the cutouts onto the mat.
2. Identify the name of the cutout.
3. Sort the cutouts and place them accordingly.
4. Match the cutouts to the flash cards.

Learning outcomes – Names of fruits and vegetables, name of common groceries, things we see at the supermarket, how things are bought at a supermarket

Skills learned  Key motor skill, hand-eye coordination, observation, sorting, picture-word association and visual memory

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