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Activity Boards - My House


Bouncy beds. Comfy sofas. Sprinkly showers. And busy kitchens. It’s time to know all the rooms in the house, the objects in each room, and what each room is used for.  Get your little familiar with the bedroom, the drawing-room, the kitchen, and the bathroom, along with the objects in each room. With six fun ways to play, these activity boards are a sure fire to help build vocabulary, and let your tot know the world around.

How to play:

  1. Sorting – sort cutouts according to each room.
  2. Attach – attach the cutouts to the correct room.
  3. Shadow match – match the cutout to its shadow.
  4. Finger maze game.
  5. I SPY game – search and find activity.
  6. Odd one out.

Learning outcome: Names of rooms in the house, key objects and words associated with each room, the main function of each room

Skills learned: Key motor skill, hand-eye coordination, observation, sorting, picture-word association, and visual memory

Perfect for: Gifting, travelling, and independent play.

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